Frequently Asked Question - What are the classes like?
What are the classes like?

A typical class begins with a 5-10 minute warm-up to break a light sweat and get everybody loosened-up.  After that beginners will go with one of the instructors to be shown proper boxing stance and movement, punching technique and how to work on a heavy bag properly.  We start all beginners off with just two punches, the jab and the cross and will then get into hooks and upper-cuts in future classes.


After that we will break into what we call “rounds”.  Boxing matches consist of 3-minute rounds, so we simulate that by doing 3 minutes of activity followed by 1 minute rest periods.  Some of these rounds you will be on your own doing whatever you want to do, i.e. working on a heavy bag or speed bag, jumping rope, etc.  Some rounds will be spent with an instructor.  We usually have between 2-5 instructors per class who will be working with people individually in the ring on technique using focus mitts, putting you through a hard fast-paced round of ground and pound, putting the class through punching or kicking drills on the heavy bags or working with people on cross-training equipment.


After about 8 of these rounds, we typically finish up with a group activity.  Some classes the instructor will put the group through drills on the heavy bags, some classes we take the gloves off and focus on abdominal and core exercises, some classes we hit the legs hard and others we set-up cross-training weight stations for a full-body workout.  Our classes have a very good mix of self-paced time, individual instruction and group activities and are all high energy with plenty of music, sweat, and fun.