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Kids MMA

Kids MMA

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Kids MMA class is for boys and girls in the age range of 5-12.  It incorporates all aspects of mixed martial arts including boxing, kickboxing and grappling.  Classes are usually broken out into one of three types.  Technique classes focus on drilling techniques both striking and grappling. Strength & Conditioning days are focused on just that, getting the kids in great shape using primarily body weight exercises and some resistance training.  Finally, sparring days are when the kids get to put on their safety equipment and get in the ring to practice the techniques they've been working on in live sparring against each other or a trainer.  Sparring is all done in a very safe and friendly format so that the kids can have fun in sparring without any fear of getting hurt.  This class also has a belt promotion system similar to traditional martial arts and teaches the value of sportsmanship and honor.


Kids MMA class is taught by Marty Slone, a former professional kickboxer, retired police officer and a black belt in Kajukenbo.  Some of the older, more experienced kids who have been in the program for several years also assist Marty with running the classes and teaching the younger and newer kids.

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