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Cincinnati Fitness Boxing

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Cincinnati Fitness & Boxing reopened as of Wednesday, May 27th.

While we will try to keep the same look and feel of previous classes, there will be some obvious changes for the time being to comply with the recommendations by the CDC:

  • No common gloves will be available, you must use your own
  • We will have gloves for beginners to use for the first class if needed.  They will be appropriately washed and sanitized
  • We do have gloves for sale (standard gloves are $40)
  • The garage door and back doors will be open for ventilation
  • We will have a sign-up sheet for each class for easy contact tracing
  • Towels and sanitizer will be provided throughout the gym to keep hands and equipment clean
  • The gym will be cleaned and sanitized after each class

We thank all our customers for your support and eagerness to return and we look forward to providing a clean and safe environment for us to sweat together in again. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through email, phone, or social media.


At Cincinnati Fitness & Boxing our vision is to introduce the general public to the health benefits of training like a boxer.  We teach basic boxing and strength & conditioning in a format that is not intimidating.  This allows everyone to participate at their own comfort and fitness level.  If your goal is to get in shape while learning a new skill in a fun atmosphere, then CFB is the place for you. 

Click here to see and navigate the interior of Cincinnati Fitness & Boxing

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015 04:13 Jeff Perry
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